Frequently asked questions

Who is St.John's Retirement Village?

St. John’s Retirement Village is a registered Business Name of St John’s Retirement Centre, a Company incorporated in the State of Victoria and limited by Guarantee. The Company owns and manages St. John's Retirement Village situated at 45 Park Lane, Somerville which comprises Independent Living Units, Serviced Apartments and other facilities for the accommodation and care of retired persons (as defined in the Retirement Villages Act 1986).

Who is 'The Board'?

Our Board of Directors is:

David Renouf - Chairman of Directors
Byron Groves - Deputy Chairman of Directors
Ben Buchanan - Director Alan Clarke - Director Anne Cumming - Director Jane Johansen – Director
Mary Schneider - Director /Company Secretary

Who is eligible to apply for residency?

Any retired person (as defined in the Retirement Villages Act 1986) is entitled to apply for residency in the Village. Each applicant is assessed for suitability on the basis of age, state of health, and ability to meet the financial requirement of residency. The average age of current Village residents is mid-to-late 70s.

Can my disabled child come to live with me at St John’s Retirement Village?

The Village does not provide care and accommodation for disabled children. Residents must be retired (as defined in the Retirement Villages Act 1986), and able to live independently.

Do I own my 'own' unit?

No. An incoming resident is required to pay a capital sum on entering the Village and on departure is entitled to receive a portion of that sum back. It is important for prospective residents to be aware that they do not "own" the unit. They do not have a separate title which can be sold, transferred or bequeathed. A resident acquires the right to occupy the unit for the remainder of their life or until their Residence Contracts terminated. At that time the amount of refund due will be calculated according to the terms of the Contract. Ownership of the unit remains at all times with the Company.

If my partner dies, will I have to leave or will I incur any additional costs?

No, the service fees apply on a per unit basis, not an individual basis. Your Contract would continue and the refund entitlement would be calculated upon your departure.

How much refund do I receive?

Our standard Contract provides that the occupier of an Independent Living Unit will receive a refund of their in-going capital sum less a deduction of 6% for each year of occupancy to a maximum of 30% over a period of 5 years.

When do I receive my refund?

All refunds are paid in accordance with the Retirement Villages Act, which provides for refund to be paid a maximum of 6 months after the unit is vacated. Our current practice, however is to pay refunds earlier than the Retirement Villages Act requires.

What guarantee do I have that I will receive my refund when it is due?

The Company is contractually bound to pay the refund in accordance with your Contract and a departing resident would be entitled to sue for recovery if the entitlement was not paid. This right is further supported by the Retirement Villages Act 1986 which protects the rights of Residents.

Is public transport available?

Local buses are available adjacent to entry A on Park Lane. The Somerville railway station is 200 metres along Jones road. Taxis have good coverage across the area.

What facilities are available in the Village?

The Village community facilities complement the residents’ units providing areas for relaxing and socialising. The Community Building is designed with several purpose-built rooms including a library which is well stocked with a large range of titles along with Audio books, games and puzzles and a collection of DVD’s. The main hall is great for gatherings ranging from social events, to exercise, to a Fellowship service on Sundays. The billiard table and carpet bowls provide opportunities for friendly competition.

In the Apartment area is a second library and a comfortable area for relaxing with family and friends. The Apartment dining room services the Apartment residents along with any Independent Living Unit residents who are looking for a cooked meal. The dining room also hosts a special menu on Monday evenings and themed diners throughout the year. These events are open to all residents.

There is a hairdressing salon usually open two days a week, a consulting room for visiting health professionals, a workshop, art room and exercise room amongst other facilities.

What are the weekly service fees and what do they cover?

Service fees are determined in accordance with the provisions of the Retirement Villages Act and in conjunction with the elected Residents' Committee. The fees cover the day to day operation of the Village and include such items as maintenance of unis, insurance, lawn mowing, light and power in public areas, the administration of the Village, support services, staff wages, rates & water charges (up to pensioner concession), cleaning and maintenance of common areas, etc. All service fees are payable in advance.

How do I arrange home maintenance and who pays for it?

Maintenance services are arranged through completing a 'Request for Maintenance " slip available from the front desk. You are responsible for the maintenance of equipment you bring with you as well as the upkeep of your garden and general tidiness of your unit. Maintenance of these items can be arranged on a fee for service basis.

Will the Village refurbish my unit, replace carpet, drapes and interior painting if I have lived there for a long time?

The Village refurbishes units before they are reoccupied. The Village does not generally replace carpets, drapes and interior painting in occupied units.

Is there a Residents Committee?

Yes, elections are held in March/April each year and the elected committee discuss all issues relevant to Residents.

Who takes out the garbage bins, collects the mail, cleans my home and maintains the garden around my unit?

You do. Should you have any difficulty with doing these things, we will be happy to provide services on a fee-for-service basis.

Can I bring Pets with me?

When a Resident moves into an independent living unit, in some cases, an existing pet (one cat or one SMALL dog or other small pets such as birds or fish) may be brought to live in the Village. This decision is at the discretion of Village Management who will give careful consideration to each individual application.

What type of security is provided at the Village?

The Village forms part of our local community and does not employ on-site security guards or night patrols. The general location of the Village, communal lighting, strategically placed surveillance cameras, boundary fences and close proximity of units within the Village are all deterrents to persons wishing to create a nuisance. Residents are encouraged to call 000 if they have concerns about their security at night.

Can I have air-conditioning in my home?

As of 2018 a reverse cycle air-conditioning unit is provided as standard in all refurbished units. Additional heads may be installed upon request and at an additional fee.

Who maintains non-standard alterations or additions to my unit?

The Resident is responsible for the maintenance of any non-standard alterations or additions to their unit.

What happens if I can no longer look after myself?

A range of community services can be provided in your home at an additional expense. Our staff provide a 24 hour emergency first aid response service and can assist you in locating services to meet your needs.

What other medical and health services are offered by the Village?

The Village has medical rooms that are used by visiting General Practitioners and other health professionals in areas such as hearing, optometry, podiatry, massage and physiotherapy. Some services are subsidised by the Government upon individual assessment. Fees and charges apply for Home and Community Care Services.

Are there any rules or policies about living in the Village that I need to know about?

Yes. All Residents are required to abide by the Village Policies. These are subject to review by the Board and management and compliance with them form a condition of your Residence Contract. You should make yourself familiar with the policies, copies of which are available through the administration office.

Are there carports, garages and caravan storage facilities available?

For those units which do not have attached garages, a number of carports and lock-up garages are available in the Village with a yearly rental payable for their use. These are allocated to Residents who request them, on a first come first serve basis. Residents are requested to relinquish their carport or garage when they cease to own a vehicle. Limited caravan storage is available for mid-sized caravans. Caravans are not permitted to be stored on the grounds surrounding your unit.

What is the relationship of St.John's Retirement Village with St. John's Presbyterian Church Somerville?

Although the Village commenced as an outreach of St. John’s Presbyterian Church and has maintained a close relationship with the local Church over the years, there is no formal link between the two. Whilst located adjacent to the Church, St. John’s Retirement Centre which owns and operates the Village is an independent entity.